NFTs Beyond Maximalism (Part 3)

Marco Gonzalez
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NFTs Beyond Maximalism focuses on cross-chain communities.

The initial inspiration comes from a working theory of Community Entanglement. Discussions occurring on distributed technologies tend to share similarities. NFTs boost engagement:

Internet alleviates starved expression. NFTs empower the result.

Hoping to Inspire Cross-chain Communities

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- PART 3: Social NFTs’ Offer Unlimited Potential for Networks and Individuals [you are here]

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PART 3: Social NFTs’ Offer Unlimited Potential for Networks and Individuals

Describing NFTs to someone not familiar with crypto can be challenging. There’s a wide range of applications and undiscovered potential. Once owned, NFTs feel more real than cryptocurrencies or blockchain.

A vision that’s stuck with me is the commonplace deployment of a sort of NFT seller’s hub akin to Amazon Marketplace. For NFTs to uplift the mediums of information requires a paradigm shift in thinking. Accomplishing this on a profound level, requires advantages apparent to every internet user.

Meeting Needs on an Intimate Level

Crypto wallets that allow for ownership of blockchain keys can replace antiquated password systems. This is a big deal. It allows for the assignment of highly specified value across industries. Blockchain technologies will help people meet their needs for everything from information,manufacturing, healthcare, medicine, and food to transportation, travel, and entertainment.

A Saturday Night Lives kit portrayed NFTs as intimately personal. For decades, marketing teams sought deeper inroads into their target markets. NFTs accomplish this almost instantly. They do so on a level never dreamed of within traditional marketing schemes.


Such magnificent change has rarely been witnessed.Consider the invention of the airplane. Without the need for roads, aviation economies can more efficiently match supply and demand. There’s also profound advantages for innovation.

Blockchain and crypto enable individuals to leverage international resources once only privy to the largest and most prestigious of institutions. This newfound ability may not initially seem as transformative as the internet that put all the world’s libraries in our hands. Like the aviation economy which necessitates thought patterns beyond those of grounded perspectives, crypto economies require re-examining closely held beliefs.

Digital permissions enjoyed by central banks and international conglomerates are indeed powerful. One merely needs glimpse highlights of Congressional investigations into social media moguls. Add to this devastated infrastructure and privacy leaks. Even the most secure organizations have not been spared.

These are some of the driving forces behind an increasing sense that the world desperately needs blockchain.


There’s real power behind NFTs for social applications.EdenOS and its use of NFTs for funding illustrates this.Voice, as well as ClarionOS, may very well make socia lNFTs accessible to the masses.

Where blockchain provides unparalleled database security and performance, crypto fosters truly free markets.Email brought the world person-to-person (device-to-device)digital communication. Prior to the technologies that underlie the Internet, communication was limited to centralized funnels guided by comparatively unilateral thought. Ideation was severely limited compared to what’s commonly available on the Internet today.

It’s a dynamic that many who held historically powerful positions believed an inevitable aspect of life:

“Television won’t be able to hold on to any market it captures after the first six months. People will soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night.”- Darryl Zanuck, executive at 20th Century Fox, 1946

John H. Lienhard, founding author and voice of The Engines of Our Ingenuity and Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering and History, University of Houston, included the Zanuck quote when exploring the invention of the computer.Funny how just three years prior, IBM’s chairman, Thomas Watson, said:

”I think there’s a world market for maybe five computers.”

Lienhard calls attention to what might have been had media and tech leaders not been dismayed from listening to what a British scientist (Dummar) wrote in 1952:

“It seems now possible to envisage electronic equipment in a solid block with no connecting wires. The block may consist of layers of insulating,conducting, rectifying and amplifying materials, [and] electrical junctions.”

Did Satoshi Nakamoto Learn from Dummar?

Anonymity for the purpose of spreading societally critical information has proven decisive. In contrast,the veil around social media and central banking infrastructure allows for immense residual influence. And yet, with alone raindrop of insight, Dummar and Nakamo to illustrate the power of the independent mind.

The Internet alleviates starved expression. NFTs empower the result.


NFTs have been on my mind, particularly for their potential in cross-chain applications.

❖Do NFTs more easily crossover blockchains than cryptoswaps?❖

Atomic Hub and migration tools seem to lend to this idea. Then again, it may simply be a strong drive to advance NFT compatibility.



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